Damascus In Toon!

A shot From The New adventure family TV Show

2d Or Not 2D...!!?



3 friends

2d Or Not 2D...!!?


My little Sister

How To Deal With little Sister...Specially when she play with your own Toys


Ibn Al Balad

Ibn Al Balad Is A story About:
A guy suffering with nigative people around him...

Volume No.3

Volume No.2

Volume No.1



A Bad Luck

Chapter 1:

Willi-D still awake to watch a soccer match and when the Match Starts the Electricity get off....

Chapter 2:

And he wakes up late to catch teh school bus....

Chapter 3:

So Willi-D wash his face and clean his teeth sooooo quick.....

Chapter 4:

And he Ran hurry following the bus but he fall down with his Shoe Knots.....oh a Luck

Chapter 5:

and he falls down and his books and clothes get wet by the Dirty Water on the Ground

Chapter 6:

after Willi-D gets his homework wet so the teacher was mad at him

Chapter 7:

And His freinds laugh at him because his favorite team has lost the match yesterday.....

Chapter 8:

after all that Willi-D decided to manage his time as well...so he did!

Chapter 9:

And he Got the Best resaults of what he've done with his time managment.